Networks and Networking: Uncovering the Gems around You

How often have you heard these words, and felt like you are not using them to their full advantage? Are you missing out? What would be possible for you and your business if you knew how to unlock their power? Both of these are buzzwords, heard often, but do you stop to think about them for your business success?

The answer is closer than you think!

Around us we have our advisors, confidantes, associates, clients, suppliers, add to that our family and friends; quickly growing the number of people to whom we could turn for advice, brainstorming, recommendations and deliberating. But do you?

Uncover the gems around you. Your friends and colleagues have a wealth of expertise, referrals and contacts that could lead to your getting more clients, more money, sound advice, peace of mind in the sea of uncertainty you face.

  • Are you turning to the best possible person in each situation? Be it the most qualified or experienced?
  • Are you soldiering on alone; not wanting to share your challenges or burden others?
  • Do you even stop to think who best to solve a challenge or just jump at the first thing that comes to mind?

Take the impact of the recent truck drivers strike in South Africa – a situation facing someone I know. He’s been in business for 20 years, has everything he can think of in place for the busy end of year season, pays his staff well and they’re at work, not striking. He thought his business was set up to win in these tough economic times and now, he’s lost two trucks in the violence of the strike – an impact of ZAR 1.6 million – and he feels too drained and exhausted to work out where to begin to recover the situation. Top of mind for him now is ‘how do I exit this industry?’. Imagine the implications for over 200 staff in 3 branches around the country. Now it’s critical that he turns to key people within his network for support, even with things that would normally be easy for him to handle. This will allow him to focus on the emergency at hand.

So, back to you.

What types of questions could you ask to see where the gems lie?

  • I’m looking for x – who do you use?
  • I’m expanding my resource database – what do you do?
  • Who are your gems that you turn to for input?

Being in business takes a vast amount of energy and resource – in my experience those who reach out and are willing to access the expertise they don’t have feel less isolated, produce results faster and have energy reserves for the challenges of business, leaving them able to go home and enjoy the things they love; be it family, sport, leisure or entertainment.

When you’ve uncovered the gems around you – look at how you could link them in a network cluster via your online presence, increasing your credibility, and search engine optimization.

Start the conversation by talking to me – what resources do I have that will be of benefit to you and your business?

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