The Executive's Friend

In 2019 Mandy coined the phrase "The Executive’s Friend" following almost of decade of being that ‘friend’ to her business owner and c-suite clients.

A thinking partner, strategist, shoulder to share on; space to download and speak out loud the unspoken about, be it personal aspects of their lives, their moments of lost confidence, their struggles about gaps in their business as well as how to create and fulfil on the next level. Of course it’s also the space of celebrations; both the obvious milestones and the quiet, reflective ones of the road travelled, ground covered and mountains summitted.

Before choosing "Executive’s Friend" Mandy had toyed with "Secret Agent" because she is often that unspoken-about, behind the scenes, agent of change and performance that supports capacity building and strategic edge and it plays well to her powerful strengths of intuition and leading in partnership.

How does this look?

One client refers to Mandy as his rock and voice of reason.

With another, she runs regular ThinkPods ahead of their board cycle and the CEO and COO ‘hole up’ for a day and a half and plot out strategic engagements, work to bring alignment between their different roles and between stakeholders and shareholders with very different visions. The results accomplished over the past 15months have been unprecedented for their organisations and the lives of many.

Out of annual strategy planning sessions, Mandy saw a repeated need that the business and others were not addressing and began collaborating in the Human Capital space to build the capacity and strength the business needed to navigate into the 12-15 year aspect of its life cycle. That blueprint partners perfectly with the value of maximising the performance of teams within the business.

Hi, I’m Mandy Russell, a Performance Coach with over 23 years experience in empowering both men and women to holistically perform in the areas of life that matter most to them; now an agent of change and performance supporting business owners and executives with strategy and capacity building.