Impacting your performance in any area of life is my speciality, and as we are all different I have a variety of ways in which you could work with me.

Kickstart Coaching Package from Fresh Horizons Consulting

Discovery Session

You’ve come to realize that being stuck is no longer serving you, and you sense you’d like to make a shift. That doesn’t always translate into knowing where to start or what is best for you.
That’s ok, it’s my role as Coach to guide you through a process that enables that clarity to arise. I call that a Discovery Session.

Invest 30-40mins of your time in a conversation with me and give yourself the gift of clarity.
What you can count on from me is a guided process that allows the space to really explore what would best serve you, following which you choose the next steps for you and your life.

Use the ‘Book Here’ tab below to choose a time that works for you.

“At the beginning of the year I felt totally overwhelmed with work and was struggling to prioritize. Mandy helped me get organized and put systems into place to help me structure my time and work responsibilities. After my sessions with Mandy, I felt so much more motivated and empowered.”

Lana @ Lanalou Style

Let's have a Conversation

Invest 30 minutes of your time in a discovery conversation with Mandy during which you will get really clear on what the next step is for YOU!

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Bespoke Accelerated Action Days

It’s likely that you are considering a bespoke accelerated action day as a result of our conversation during your Discovery Session, where our goal was Clarity and not Coaching.

My Bespoke Accelerated Action Days are all about YOU; kickstarting or accelerating some aspect of your life either as you transition, or desire to uplevel.

Ready for more Clarity?

You can book either a half-day, a full day or two half-day workshops. Each bespoke workshop consists of three phases.

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Money Coaching

In recent years I’ve invested substantially in two money related certifications and am proud to be the only person in SA to offer these to you.

I use this amazing content to impact my client’s results by uncovering and unblocking any limiting beliefs, not only around money and being successful, but because money is a topic with so much “charge”, this content provides me with laser access to impact any area of performance.

Whether you experience only a taster or immerse yourself in the full one-on-one journey, you’ll be blown away by the impact.

Soar with Fresh Horizons Money Coaching

For full details on either programme please click on the logo below…

Money Breakthrough Method Certified Coach at Fresh Horizons Consulting South Africa
Sacred Money Archetypes Certified Coach South Africa

Customised Coaching from Mandy Russell

Custom Coaching

As a performance coach I work with people to remove barriers impacting their performance in an area of life. If you have a specific requirement you’d like to discuss, please do book a discovery session and we can explore that further.

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The Real Meal Revolution uses Fresh Horizons

“Thane and I had been planning a swim from Mozambique to Madagascar for two years and received not one cent in sponsorship, just one month before we were set to leave. I was sick, down and out and had almost given up on the mission completely. We called on Mandy to help us understand what mess was getting (in) the way. Mandy jumped straight in an helped pinpoint the core elements we required to succeed. She also unveiled and cleared a huge amount of relational mess which we had not noticed standing in the way of our success. After one short session with Mandy, we re-strategized our approach to pitching at sponsors and managed to close a deal within the following two weeks.

On 23 March 2014 we became the first humans ever to swim from Mozambique to Madagascar and I owe huge thanks to Mandy for coaching. She offered objective, crystal clear perspective which was invaluable to the success of our mission.”

Jonno @ The Real Meal Revolution


One area of impactful coaching is relationships and given my personal passion for people dealing powerfully with loss, I was a Divorce Angel. The Naked Divorce, 21 days to your new life, is a unique and superbly created programme to heal from divorce or relationship breakup.

The programme is now available online. If you are divorced, separated, or recently had the breakup of a long term relationship, you MUST seriously consider this amazing journey to ethical healing, well-being and a new life.

For more info: Naked Divorce website

Facebook: Naked Divorce

Youtube: Naked Divorce Channel

Please contact me directly to receive a discount coupon for either the men’s or ladies Naked Divorce programme. You can reach me via my contact page.

Naked Divorce Coaching

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