Bespoke Accelerated Action Days

My Bespoke Accelerated Action Days are all about YOU; kickstarting or accelerating some aspect of your life either as you transition, or desire to uplevel.
It’s likely that you are considering a bespoke accelerated action day as a result of our conversation during your Discovery Session, where our goal was Clarity and not Coaching.

There are three phases to the day…

Phase #1 – Getting Ready:

We start with a creation call during which we co-create the outcome for the session.

The next step is crucial and it’s the phase in which I apply all my expertise as a Performance Coach into designing and creating a session best suited for your personal outcome. Any materials are prepared and packed for the day itself.

Phase #2 – The Bespoke Accelerated Action Day:

This is the time we will be together, one-on-one, either face-to-face or virtually via the phone or Skype. This is where the process I’ve created, unfolds.

Phase #3 – Follow-Up:

At the close of phase two, we will agree on an appropriate timeframe to pass before we have a follow-up call. The intention of the follow-up call is threefold;

  • firstly as an accountability structure, and
  • secondly as a support – should any unforeseen barrier have arisen we are able to remove that, and
  • thirdly to celebrate what you’ve accomplished.

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Why me? This is what just some of my clients have said…

“Wow Mandy, thank you so much! It’s amazing how one cannot get there on one’s own, yet I expected myself to be able to do that”Keith, trial lawyer

(Keith took a stand-alone accelerated action half day, he may do another one in 2018 post his transition)

“Thank you so much for meeting me at short notice – I felt very energised afterwards, had gained some perspective and walked away with a lot to think about. I reworked the document and sent it off with the wording you provided for me. It was strangely empowering for me. I’ve already received acknowledgement and promise to honour my request for confidentiality. You are very good at what you do! Thank you for being available to me.”High School Principal

(had one mini accelerated action session to deal with one specific challenge, 2 years after having worked with me briefly)

“With Mandy I’ve gone from being stuck around the final phase of my corporate career, to a powerfully created future as I transition towards retirement.”Steven, ex Woolies
“After role playing conversations with Mandy it’s so much easier to take the required actions I’ve been avoiding.”Wéhann, Niche Insurance Sector

Investment in YOU:

  • R7 500 for one half a day workshop (plus travel expenses if relevant)


  • R14 000 for one full day or two half day workshops (plus travel expenses if relevant).

Also Note:

  • Workshops can be face-to-face or via Skype.
  • Payment is in advance.
  • This investment rate is valid for 30 days from the date of your Discovery Session.

“Having Mandy on board is like my own ‘think tank’ for creative thought versus doing everything solo.”Pierre, Jewelery Design and Manufacturer
“I’m now held to account for producing results in my business which means results are happening.”Derek, business owner 22 years, Design Sector

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