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Youare no doubt here because you have a commitment to expand your performance in some area of your life; be it with your business or your life overall. You’re looking for a partner who will align with your goals, remove the barriers that you sense but cannot yet see and watch you soar to new heights. You may be transitioning from one life to another (eg. corporate to self employed, being a team member to leading a team of your own, or transitions in your personal life). You’re looking for someone who get’s your world, but doesn’t buy into your reasons why not. Someone who will work with you to ensure every aspect of your life works; altering your views on planning and time management to ensure you design a life that works uniquely for you. You want to see your business grow and expand, your peace of mind enhanced as your team and stakeholders excel.

I’ll share with you specialist skills that I’ve used effectively in my own life, in building my own business, and with multiple clients, often pioneering new ways to balance your life. I have almost two decades of expertise in producing results through others, and that is now available to you in a step-by-step process; my signature coaching programme, Performance through People, personally guided by me. My satisfaction lies in your success and I LOVE working one-on-one to help you achieve your individualized results.

Perhaps you’re a business leader and you want a thinking partner; an accountability structure and skills you don’t currently have – you’re sick and tired of having to do everything yourself, think strategically and then still think outside the box. I hear you!

Together we’ll empty out your concerns, fears and fatigue; we’ll bring new vantage points and fresh perspectives to your challenges and brainstorm solutions enhanced by the benefit of insight into an array of businesses. You’ll no longer be alone as you navigate the high seas of business and life with my vision and support.

There is no aspect of life that cannot be impacted exponentially using the tools I’ll train you in, so bring your challenges to me and let’s have my skill matched by your commitment to breaking through, skyrocket your performance!

“Working with Mandy was a real treat for me – both from a professional and personal perspective. She offers an innovative approach to looking at one’s ‘status quo’ by asking some of the really tough questions and then helping the client to come to the most honest answers.”

Tanya F @ University of Cape Town - Communication & Marketing Department

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Working with me is perfect for you if

You’re a business leader who is hungry to achieve your goals;
You’re someone who values your growth and development and producing results;
You have a direct team or stakeholders around you with whom you work to produce your results and developing yourself and that team is critical;
You are building capacity and process into your team and want to make change positive for everyone;
You no longer consistently experience the joy and excitement of your business or life;
Your life is out of balance and you cannot see how to shift it;
You are sick of being stuck;
You have a key project or outcome that matters enough to ensure winning with the support of a performance coach.

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