"I've made the shift from manager to director now that my business is a medium sized one with three branches."

"Having Mandy on board is like my own 'think tank' for creative thought vs doing everything solo. "

"I've been wanting to update my website for a year, and my business is about websites. With Mandy's input it's gone live. She kept bringing a customer's perspective as we co-wrote it. "

"My dreams for new aspects of my business are being realized. "

"With Mandy I've gone from being stuck around the final phase of my corporate career, to a powerfully created future as I transition towards retirement."

"Mandy sees what I alone cannot see; the fog clears after a session with her. "

"I can now hold staff to account without being unpleasant or angry."

"My time management is improved and my family is seeing more of me. "

"I am making important decisions where previously I felt stuck. "

"I am actually rehearsing my music now, something I've not been doing for ages."

Feedback from Money Breakthrough Method® Live Workshops:

“Mandy, there is one specific thing I learnt from you that changed the way I do life, and I wanted to share.

The first thing though, was learning I was an INFJ, from Diane. That put things into perspective for me about myself and where I need to challenge myself more and where I need to be cautious.

That Photo Frame “Do one thing every day that scares you”. I stared at it, and stared at it some more. And then I thought about it for a few days and then I tried it. And tried it again and again. Honestly, the things that scared me were ridiculous. Such as not walking into a crowded coffee shop, just to avoid a crowd, not joining that Zumba class, just because I was afraid of looking silly when I didn’t know the moves, same with yoga, not wearing that dress I dreamed about, not engaging with people in case I got rejected, not sharing something personal with someone in case of what they’d think….the list goes on and on. It only took about a week of pushing myself once a day, to twice a day, to now doing it without even thinking, a few times a day. I feel so different inside, even if it is not noticeable to anyone else – I just feel more confident, braver and more…true to myself.

I believe people should get credit when deserved and I see you putting yourself out there all the time, I heard you when you said being a leader is lonely. I wanted you to know that you made this difference for me in my life. And I’m grateful.”

Tammy, a client who had a Myers-Briggs Personality Profile done & attended the MBM Workshop

“I see how unrelated I’ve been to my money and now I really get to transform that! (discovered) how I have made up everything I know about money!”


“I had no idea just how much value I would receive from this”


“..got a view of looking at money and my relationship to money that altered my view of myself.”


“I found that I’m actually able and allowed to be to powerful with my money.”

Fayyadhah (17 years old)

Feedback on Mandy, and results in general:

“Mandy Russell was appointed 24 months ago at ZEE Group. Our business has benefited tremendously as a result of her professional approach, experience and straight talking implementation methods to resolving challenges in business. We would recommend her work to any medium size, fast growing venture, where stakes are high and work needs to get done.”
ZEE Group uses Fresh Horizons
Clive @ ZEE Group
TDC&Co uses Fresh Horizons Consulting

“We will not hesitate in recommending Mandy to like minded businesses who truly believe in developing the whole person. Mandy began coaching at TDC&Co. in March 2013.

TDC&Co. has recently undergone a progressive restructure that has enabled us to extend our traditional retail design and build offer into delivering a full service offer from strategic led brand, interior and architectural design to the procurement and implementation of differentiated, real solutions.

In delivering on this vision, we have identified that the future of TDC&Co. will depend on the culture we develop. We identified that our staff are key to our success and strategically have moved from a management to a leadership style of running our business. As we empower our teams and individuals, Leadership Development and Communication tools become increasingly important.

Mandy is working closely with the TDC&Co. executive in developing the right leadership culture across the business. We see Mandy as our teams’ Performance Coach.

She has effectively coached 17 leaders, the majority middle to senior leadership in the business, over the past year. Her scope has included:

  • on the job leadership development,
  • working effectively with others,
  • producing results as a team,
  • work-life balance,
  • managing stress,
  • avoiding year end burnout,
  • being responsible around their health,
  • personal relationship/family relationship work,
  • change management

Mandy’s work with leaders across our business has seen a much calmer space developing for both individuals and teams. Individuals feel safer to express themselves and are finding their voice internally, as well as with client and third party engagements.

Her coaching sessions affect individuals differently. Mandy holds individuals responsible in taking accountability for their input and actions. If they commit to coaching sessions, they are required to put time into their development and need to be prepared to be challenged. What they put in, they get back!

Several leaders have expressed how the sessions are providing balance and perspective in both their home and work spaces. They are all adding value back into their teams and driving the success of TDC&Co. This in turn has provided them with much job satisfaction and an understanding on how they can take charge of their own destiny.

We’re happy to report that our restructure and focus on developing leaders across our business has both created a happy and healthy work place as well as impacting on our bottom line where TDC&Co. will show growth in excess of 40% over the past financial year.

Focus your attention and energies into your staff’s well-being and they will in turn reward you with their dedication and respect. Mandy can be key to this success for your business and your employees.

As an integral part of our team, we wish Mandy ongoing success and thank her for her contribution towards the development of our leadership culture and our staff’s personal development.”

Marc (Managing Director) @ TDC & Co

“Te danke aan Mandy het ek ‘n nuwe perspektief op die lewe. My lewe is meer gebalanseerd, fisies en emotioneel is ek sterker en gesond. Deur iemand te hê wat werklik luister en ook die moeilike vrae vra is ek meer bewus en in voeling met myself. Deur introspeksie en harde werk is daar ‘n groot las van my skouers af!”

Anelle @ TDC & Co
UCT and Fresh Horizons
“Working with Mandy was a real treat for me – both from a professional and personal perspective.
She offers an innovative approach to looking at one’s ‘status quo’ by asking some of the really tough questions and then helping the client to come to the most honest answers. She provides a mixture of frameworks and open-ended discussions to help the client come to his or her own analysis and solutions. She also places a great emphasis on the importance of communication, and the ways in which it can open up channels that seemed irredeemably blocked. She provided me with ‘lenses’ through which to see and analyze a situation – and that is something I can use at work and at home.
All in all, Mandy helped me forge a path where it seemed like things were too ‘overgrown’ to allow for it.”

Tanya F @ University of Cape Town - Communication & Marketing Department
“Ek was baie skepties toe ek begin het met Mandy, omdat ek n teruggetrokke persoon is en nie maklik praat oor my gevoelens nie. Met die verloop van my gesprekke met Mandy het ek geleer dat daar altyd twee kante van n saak is en niks word eintlik opgelos met n bombastiese houding nie en om te probeer om alle situasies positief te benader en op te los. Sy het my ook geleer hoe om n goeie balaans te handhaaf tussen my werk en persoonlike lewe. In my persoonlike onwikkelings gesprekke het ek opgetel dat my selfvertroue en produktiwiteit baie verbeter het .
Almal wat n goeie balans wil handhaaf in die lewe stel ek voor gaan sien vir Mandy.”Tertius @ TDC & Co