Neurozone Resilience and High Performance

Underlying all of my work is a commitment to peak performance, agility and effectiveness in keeping stress responses to a minimum. This mindset, skillset and competency enable leaders to make effective and creative decisions and guide their teams through the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) times in which we find ourselves.

To this end, in January 2020, I certified as a Neurozone Coach. This was a match made in heaven as it brought neuroscience to the way I’d always worked with my clients in the world of performance.

By December 2020 I’d taken 130 people through the analytic and supported them with the wide variety of knowledge and skills I’ve gained over decades around health, wellness and performance with amazing results showing up, not only for the individuals through working from home and COVID realities, but also for their families as they shifted their lifestyles and understood how best to support their children as they learn and grow in new ways.

In line with neuroscience, I’m collaborating actively with Neurozone to be at the forefront of their new developments and taking those to my clients and their affiliates.

So what is Neurozone?

Neurozone® Summary

Your Neurozone® Brain Analytic is going to provide you with access to understanding how you can enhance your resilience and thrive.

”We use our knowledge, skills and expertise to allocate resources together and to distribute these resources fairly in order to stay alive, survive and thrive in life.”

Brain Perfomance Positioned

The Neurozone® model of Brain Performance

Participants invest 20 minutes completing an online analytic and within an hour receive their personal report giving them insight into how 68 individual elements build their personal model of brain performance.

High Impact Recommendations

However each of us only has a finite amount of time and energy, so the High Impact Recommendations allow the participant to focus their precious time and energy where they will get their best returns.

High Impact Recommendations cover each of the three categories of ‘drivers’ – Foundational, Emotional and Higher Order.

Foundational Drivers

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise & Silencing the mind

The platform upon which resilience and high performance are built

8 elements making up each foundational driver score

Different weightings to each of those elements

Report includes a creative whiteboard video explaining how each driver impacts the brain and short audios on each element allow the individual to navigate much of the report in their own time and at their own speed and priorities

Neurozone Drivers Report Example

During 2020 with lockdown and covid "work from home issues" I found that this report got people moving again. Success stories include whole families adjusting their behaviour around screen time, exercise and nutrition. This breakdown also helped parents of high-school students to understand what supports their effective study

Emotional Drivers

There are many powerful elements that support or negate an individual’s emotional resilience; that said, many are relatively easy to accomplish

Social Safety Drivers
Goal Directedness Drivers
Collective Creativity

Higher Order Drivers

Executive function involves understanding how to enhance the effective use of the brain - using and keeping active aspects that may not be being required or used all the time in day-to-day activities - such as enhancing creativity and reaching back into longer-term memory sites. Abstraction, Learning and Executive Function support the prefrontal cortex to be ready for speedy decision making when required.

Abstraction Drivers Report
Learning Drivers
Executive Function Drivers

Hi, I’m Mandy Russell, a Performance Coach with over 23 years experience in empowering both men and women to holistically perform in the areas of life that matter most to them; now Neurozone Certified and bringing neuroscience to the world of performance to ensure high performance and resilience.

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