Is your intuition screaming to be heard?

Do you have moments of feeling directionless? Whether it’s a shift from corporate to entrepreneur, or a new focus for your business or life; you know you want to shift but you feel stuck, inert, tired and disillusioned. Often in situations of stress our actions are automatic rather than intuitive.

For example if you want to venture into being an entrepreneur, your survival instinct may be screaming “NO! Keep your salaried job” and then another 9 months goes by and another round of possible restructure or even retrenchments looms. And the very reason you’ve been contemplating a shift to being an entrepreneur is because your intuition has moments of being louder than your fears. Risk is everywhere…in driving in our cars, talking on our mobile phones, eating things we know are bad for our bodies, yet we still do them.

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Make the shift from chaos to clarity

Do you have ideas, sometimes loads of them, but they never get beyond the bright idea phase?

Fear and lack of direction are two of the things that mostly stop entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs. It’s often called the ‘bright shiny thing’ syndrome as we chase off after the next idea or new “in” thing everyone else is chasing.

Time is one of our most precious commodities and so it really helps to have a mechanism through which to run our ideas so we can filter out the ones that will work uniquely for us from the ones that won’t work. Have you noticed some things you do with ease and grace, they come naturally to you and you just LOVE doing them, in fact they not only drain no energy but they give you energy. You seem to have hours in the day for them and you experience movement and motion, learning as you go.

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Does money take up space in your mind?

Does money take up space in your mind on a regular basis?
Not having enough, wishing you had more, wondering how you’ll make it through the next month? Wanting a holiday or to study further but no cash to make it happen. In some way, shape or form, it’s cluttering your mind.

So let me confess something personal here; my desk, computer and phone are very cluttered. I’m always out of space and capacity. I’m known more, for hanging on to things, than clearing them out or deleting them.

clear your mind from money clutter

2016 is my year of re-invention – I knew that my business couldn’t continue it’s high growth trajectory without some radical changes. And I’m risk averse and don’t love change. But intellectually I know that change doesn’t happen until the pain of staying where I am is higher than the pain of changing.

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Is your desire for perfection sabotaging your life?

Do you feel ‘out of control’ in some area of your life right now? Perhaps you are no longer steering the direction you move in, or you feel as if you are always waiting to finish something up before it can leave your desk, or you secretly know you are the bottleneck in the process because you must just check it over first…familiar?

Many of us grew up with seemingly valuable beliefs such as ‘If you’re going to do something, do it to the best of your ability’ or you heard people saying ‘if you want something done, do it yourself’. What started out as a good intention landed up with you being a perfectionist!

Here’s the blind spot – perfectionism is all about a desire to control.

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The moment when the mountain is on top of you!

Do you experience moments when you don’t know which way to turn, there is so much to do and it feels as if it’s all on your shoulders? You are alone and unsupported, and can hardly breathe? Or does it feel more like drowning?

Yes? That’s overwhelm; the dictionary defines it as ‘bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something’ and the something could be workload, emotion or the strength of another, it also talks of complete defeat.

So the problem is overwhelm slows you down to such a degree you are in super slow motion or not moving at all, which then actually means you are going backwards! It happens but we need to be able to ‘see’ it and interrupt it – quickly before we lose precious hours, days and weeks.

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Fear is a 4-letter word, ban it!

Do you feel afraid? If not right now, then this week, month or at some point this year?

The problem with fear is it stops us in our tracks, preventing us from achieving our goals and producing the results we desire. I know how important it is for you to be successful so I’m here to partner you overcoming any fear you have.

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