Make Way in March

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s the start of autumn; often less eagerly anticipated than spring, currently being ushered in in the Northern Hemisphere.

Both changes of season are significant so I’m saying “Make Way in March”.

Specifically, lift your head from the day-to-day and address these 5 points:

  1. What do I want to make way for?
    • Customers?
    • Profits?
    • Cash flows?
    • Partnerships?
    • My own development?
    Define what you want and create the space for it to show up by clearing out limiting beliefs, focussing on the facts and taking new actions to make it happen. If you want to up the effectiveness; do this with an accountability buddy, fellow business owner friend or coach.

  2. What is there to clear away or clear out? From putting your tax records away for safekeeping, or handover to your tax consultant, at the end of the tax year – to dealing with clutter that has gathered on your desk already this year – it’s critical to keep the energy flowing by clearing out, purging and giving yourself space to think. Then extend this to….

  3. What are you tolerating? In your own behaviour and those around you. Review relationships on all levels and identify spaces of distance, discontent and discussion – then set up meetings to resolve those. If at all possible have these face-to-face and push through any uncomfortable body sensations you may be feeling. You need to have each other’s backs for success in life, so it’s critical to attend to this key maintenance activity with your customers, colleagues, staff, suppliers, family and friends.If you’ve abandoned commitments you made to your own development and health, look at getting a structure in place to stay on track.

  4. Identify breakthrough actions and take them What actions could you take to have Q1 of 2014 end on a high? The game isn’t over but we so often take our foot off the peddle when in sight of the finish line because we’ve encountered some obstacles en route, or we are so called ‘tired’ and we distract ourselves with other things. Sometimes we just cannot imagine things could be this good, so we sabotage our own performance. Don’t do that → close that deal, follow up those outstanding leads and quotes, call for orders and deal powerfully with all customer complaints so that you can turn dissatisfied customers into loyal followers.

  5. Plan key activities for upcoming months Look at the next three months, and beyond, and plan key activities that will ensure you and your business won’t hibernate during the holidays and winter. Plan trips, attend shows, expos and networking events that will expose you to new markets and customers. Make a list, create a goal of how many items to achieve a week and then set up meetings and get in front of people to see how you can support them to win at their goals and objectives.

Have a productive day!

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