Make the shift from chaos to clarity

Do you have ideas, sometimes loads of them, but they never get beyond the bright idea phase?

Fear and lack of direction are two of the things that mostly stop entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs. It’s often called the ‘bright shiny thing’ syndrome as we chase off after the next idea or new “in” thing everyone else is chasing.

Time is one of our most precious commodities and so it really helps to have a mechanism through which to run our ideas so we can filter out the ones that will work uniquely for us from the ones that won’t work. Have you noticed some things you do with ease and grace, they come naturally to you and you just LOVE doing them, in fact they not only drain no energy but they give you energy. You seem to have hours in the day for them and you experience movement and motion, learning as you go.

Take Gabi, my amazing money programme manager, she’s literally taken her business idea from concept to first client in two weeks. And that first client is paying her a fee that honours the depth of the proven experience she has, but has never put out there beyond coffee table conversation and use in her own life and that of her husband. Gabi is a prolific clutter clearer – in fact she just turned a dusty and space- consuming DVD and CD collection into cash on Sunday! With that she paid her monthly yoga class subs. She’s a pro at flow and now that she knows her unique code for making money, she is actively clearing the clutter and a whole new career is opening up at a time in her life when other people are saying ‘it’s too late, no one would want my contribution.’

So if you’d like to get some money flowing in your life, let’s take the first step of clearing the clutter. It will require some of your precious time, but no money and you’ll get a return on your investment on the webinar as we’ll go straight to work clearing out the clutter and breathing in new energy.

Personally, I cannot wait for you to get what Gabi has mastered!

Your partner in performance,

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