Is your intuition screaming to be heard?

Do you have moments of feeling directionless? Whether it’s a shift from corporate to entrepreneur, or a new focus for your business or life; you know you want to shift but you feel stuck, inert, tired and disillusioned. Often in situations of stress our actions are automatic rather than intuitive.

For example if you want to venture into being an entrepreneur, your survival instinct may be screaming “NO! Keep your salaried job” and then another 9 months goes by and another round of possible restructure or even retrenchments looms. And the very reason you’ve been contemplating a shift to being an entrepreneur is because your intuition has moments of being louder than your fears. Risk is everywhere…in driving in our cars, talking on our mobile phones, eating things we know are bad for our bodies, yet we still do them.

There is a way to tune in to your intuition to a greater degree; a mechanism to run your ideas through. A cluttered mind inhibits our intuition so join me and let’s take the first step together in clearing out your money clutter.

I say I’m risk averse, and mostly I am, but when I look back on some of the challenges I’ve navigated; there is enormous strength under this ‘scaredy cat’.

Personally I have journeyed through major changes in my own life. These include the death of both my parents to cancer whilst still in my 20s, the loss of my younger brother in a car accident, just 14months after my mother passed away. I’ve been retrenched after 25 years of working in other people’s businesses and in the past 5 years I’ve overcome some of the biggest challenges in my life; re-inventing my life after leaving my marriage-relationship of 18years, oh and did I mention that I started my own business, moved house and left my husband all at the same time? And then a year ago I chose not to marry the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. So, Yes, I’m pretty qualified to support you as you make the shift.

Contact me if you are ready to clear the clutter so that you may tune in to your intuition and find your inner peace. I’ll also share with you about a new kind of compass to support you in setting direction.

Want to access your intuition? Personally, I cannot wait to help you get started.

Your partner in performance,

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