Take Care of Yourself

Of course you are brushing your teeth everyday, but are you really taking care of yourself? Here are some keys to unlock the myths around self-care.
  1. Stop the current action and reflect.
    Take stock of your current life and look at it with an outsider’s perspective. What does it reflect? Is it a life lived on purpose? Are you living YOUR life or someone else’s life? Do you have a life’s purpose or goal or vision? If not, don’t worry, don’t look back, look forward and create one, even if you alter or refine it later, start now.

  2. It’s not selfish to prioritize yourself
    Whether you’re a business owner, parent, or partner, you are a member of a community and you are the source of something critical in that community. If you ‘fall out’ of the community, you leave a gaping hole. In order to provide for others, you need to feed yourself first. We want to benefit from what you have to offer forever, so PLEASE take care of yourself!

  3. Prioritize important over interesting
    Most of us could happily lose a day or two on things that interest us, be it research or sport or whatever lands on our desk or in our inbox. But what really lines up with your life’s purpose? Get that in the schedule FIRST. If you want to be at your child’s school play, put it in the diary and go! If you want to practise yoga, schedule it. Consider that if it’s not scheduled it’s not going to happen…yes even sex, but that is another story…

  4. Set boundaries
    There isn’t a client that I don’t talk to about boundary setting. Learning to identify where your boundary even is, let alone learning to say no. Both take practise and you could run yourself ragged trying to have it all, or you could have all of what really matters to you. Start with setting an end time to your work day – these days there are lots of upsides to working from anywhere, but we need to stop and do other things that restore and nurture us.

  5. Recharging your batteries will give you power in the future
    Somewhere we learned or decided that compromising on sleep, nutritious and life giving food and exercise was OK. No it’s not! These are the foundations of keeping your batteries charged. Begin to be conscious about compromises you make in this area. Cut the caffeine down dramatically, walk outside, and pay attention to your lifestyle.

  6. Revisit regularly
    This is a new muscle to build, so it requires regular practise and time to reflect on what’s working and what’s not working! Keep taking the next step towards taking care of yourself.Remember to live life richly.

Do share with me what you are now promising to attend to around taking care of yourself. Mandy

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