About Mandy Russell

I am the business leader’s go-to high performance coach. What I bring to Performance through People is a rich diversity of experience that includes, and is not limited by, my

  • post graduate commerce studies,
  • 21 years of working in teams in various companies and industries, including global corporates, Unilver and Kodak, General Manager with a team of up to 25 people, excluding part time and casual workers, in a business closed only 2 days each year, (Health&Racquet Club) then leading a small local team, as part of a bigger UK based team, including a remotely based boss, (Kodak) overlayed with
  • 20 years in the personal transformation / coaching space; deeply understanding how human beings think and react in life, including
  • 5 years heading up the transformational work in SA, working with a team made up only of volunteers working remotely, over and above their day jobs. Correct; none of the traditional motivators of salary and consequences of company policy existed. Then
  • 10 years running my own performance coaching business full time and working to impact leaders and their teams to succeed and from there, impact economic growth
  • these days my team members are associates and freelance workers, still needing support and development in order to be what I call “my A-Team”.

My vision for Fresh Horizons is to empower business leaders to create a fresh view, knowing that the future for themselves and the country is in their own hands.

This partnered with clarity that each leader, irrespective of their level in the organisation is a ‘whole being’ and I am equally passionate about their relationships, children, health & wellbeing and legacy being addressed too. I have the personal life experience of my own journey and personal research that I bring to the table in those areas. Oh and did I mention, I set a possible example of living life by design; enjoying the best of what Cape Town and Prince Albert in the Karoo have to offer by living and working in both places. And in January 2020 I made the Karoo my permanent base which was incredibly fortuitous ahead of the implications of Covid-19.

High performance simply isn’t possible without focus on the whole person.

The benefit of the one-on-one or small group Performance through People programme is I will customise it to your unique life and personal work environment.

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A discovery session is just that; a personal, one-on-one conversation with me to discover what is the best for you. Access to a coach with the depth of experience I have, to gain clarity into where you are at, and what would best serve you, is what you can count on.

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