Top Secrets for Working Mothers with Mandy Russell

Strategiesto support you in showing up fully present, and for reducing stress & guilt

IFyour desire is to love being a Mother AND continue your career, or start and grow your business…

IFyou feel torn in two; thinking of home whilst at your desk and putting your children in front of the television so you can scramble out some emails.

IFyou find yourself rushing out the door in the morning to the sound of your child’s frustrated tears, or dashing out of that last meeting at the end of the day hoping your boss or a colleague doesn’t stop you in the passage for anything.

IFyou dare not complain to your husband or partner in case their ‘fixit strategy’ is for you to give up the intellectual stimulation you know is must-have for your self-worth and sanity.

Then STOP!

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In 3, weekly, online group coaching sessions

3 weekly online group coaching sessions especially for working mothers

Hi, I’m Mandy Russell, Performance Coach with 21 years experience in empowering both women and men to perform in the areas of life that matter most to them….That includes working mothers and I’m excited to share those secrets with YOU!


Such a relief isn't it?


To even contemplate that it may be possible to reduce stress and guilt and show up fully present, both at work and at home.


To enjoy being a mother, and maintain your career or business.


To feel powerful as a businesswoman and as a mother.


To free yourself from feeling trapped inside the guilt-stress spin.


To feel empowered in the conversations required to create dependable support around you.

"Being a working Mom can get complicated. Lines get blurred between nurturing Mother and fierce working woman. It took some good reality checks with Mandy to see that I was mothering my team and completely spent by the time I got home and actually had to be the Mother for my young daughter. I have found a new toolkit to ensure I remain  true to my various roles in life. Thanks Mands"

Debbie Kaye


"Growing up with a stay-at-home Mom, I have been experiencing immense guilt towards my own toddler for not being able to give her more of my time and devotion. I have come to learn that working a full-time job, does not mean I am a less devoted or committed Mother; it just means I am a different kind of Mother than my own.

Mandy has taught me the importance of being present, how to understand the source of my feelings of guilt, and how to accept and take pride in the kind of Mother I am. I now take comfort in the fact that both my job and my daughter know the extent of my commitment, and that stressing about their perception of my efforts is created only in my head, and a complete waste of my precious time and energy. With that out of the way, I’m now indicating my willingness to take my leadership to the next level at work, something I’d never have given myself permission to do whilst feeling guilty."

Ilze Myburg


This online group coaching will:


Connect you to your feminine power as a mother and a career/business woman


Free you from guilt and stress enabling you to step into power and presence


Empower you to create maximum support and minimal mixups at both work and home

All in three lunch hours.
YES! You’re going to carve out your lunch hour too!

"After working with Mandy I now give myself permission to make powerful requests of those around me, including my boss. Today’s example is.. we’ve been busy with university graduation, a major event in our calendar and it’s the school holidays,  I asked to leave early and spend some time at the beach with my children and that’s brought things back into balance."

Nina Taaibosch


Who is Top Secrets for Working Mothers For?


Women aged between 28 and 55 who work, whether part time or full time


Women in leadership roles or aspiring to leadership


Women whose ambition is to be proud of their career or business AND of being a Mother


Women who want to avoid the guilt and stress of feeling torn in two


Women who are ready to give up the perpetual complaint “I’ve got no time!”

If that sounds like you, keep reading!

YES, I’m ready to get Top Secrets for Working Mothers,
strategies to support me in showing up fully present, reducing stress and guilt.

Exactly what’s inside Top Secrets for Working Mothers Group Coaching Programme:

  • Call #1: Connecting to your power as a mother and a career or businesswoman

    You will leave this call present to your feminine power in both roles, keeping them distinct and clear

  • Call #2: Freeing yourself from guilt and stress, stepping into power and presence

    In this call you’ll understand how the brain works so you can step out of the guilt-stress spin and into being fully present, be it at home or the office

  • Call #3: Creating maximum support and minimal mixups

    In this call you’ll receive practical tips and strategies for powerful conversations with those around you, so you can create the support you need and avoid misunderstandings and mixups

All calls are live with Master Coach Mandy

All calls are recorded so you don't miss anything

Calls will be a combination of training and individual coaching.

Materials will be provided via email the day before.

Calls will be recorded.

Due to the confidential nature of coaching, recordings will be available for a limited period and only to participants.

Your coaching with Mandy, will never be repackaged into another product.

YES, I’m ready to get Top Secrets for Working Mothers!

"As a result of today’s second call I can see that it is now possible for me to go to my son’s school play and that fills me with an immense amount of happiness. I know that my son will be ecstatic when he knows I can come. I’m happy for that and that I’m filling that need that I have.  

On the action list side of things regarding my youngest son who is five, I need to allocate time to spend with him in the evenings because I tend to put him in front of the tv so I can deal with my older son, so I need to make sure that dinner is pre-done the day before so I can spend 10 mins when we get home and talk to him about his day.  I have gotten so much today that I can write down and pull apart so I am excited about this."


The Bottom Line about Top Secrets for Working Mothers

Because I’m a highly sensitive woman who values high-touch and incredible value,

this group coaching programme will happen reliably,

this programme is limited to 30 women,

you’ll have the opportunity to access individual coaching during the call,

you’ll receive the notes via email the day before the call,

you’ll receive a bonus orientation audio setting you up for success, ahead of the first call,

my personal guarantee – it’s really important to me that this group coaching resonates for you. I’m 100% confident that you’re going to learn, AND I want you to feel at ease making this decision. So I’m giving you the first call of this impactful group coaching to make that final decision. If it’s not, just let me know within 24 hours of call #1 and I’ll fully refund your money – out of my own pocket – and I’ll completely remove you from the programme. You have my word on it!


Why I created Top Secrets for Working Mothers

In my decades of coaching I’ve been thrilled to see the businesswomen I’ve worked with experience benefits around their role as a mother.

To see them loosen the grip of guilt and hear about how them being present at home has made a difference to their children’s behaviour.

To see them willing to ask for, and able to step up into, the next level in their professions.

To hear about the possibilities that become available when there is additional income in the household.

I love that I live in a generation where women have choices, and I want as many women as possible to have that choice; to be a mother and to work.

I know that working environments may have originally been created by men for men, however I know the connectivity and empathy that women bring to the workplace and how much we need the emotional intelligence that women are naturally equipped with, to build a better world.

The 3-module group coaching programme,
plus bonus orientation audio to get you set up for success!

Payment via credit card or EFT

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